Prayer and Healing Sessions

Healing My Heart Ministry is available for those who need help in receiving healing from emotional wounds, addictions, broken heartedness, depression, demonic oppression, and trauma.
The sessions are biblically based and confidential. Sessions typically last an hour and are conducted by trained prayer ministers. Scripture is clear that the enemy takes advantage of our wounds and sin to hold us in bondage. He is able to gain access at specific points in time through “open doors.” When we find these doors and close them, we remove his right of access. As a result, we finally gain freedom. We can embrace this freedom from wounding through uncovering lies we have believed and embracing truth. We are then free to forgive and bless. We become free from sin’s effects by recognizing our part: Through confessing, forgiving, renouncing repenting, and or breaking ties and past covenants. It is then that freedom from ongoing unhealthy strongholds and issues can be released in our lives.
Every ministry session is different because the team relies on the leading and revelation of the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction.

What do I do if I want to receive ministry?

  1. To make an appointment for your session please fill out the online form below.
  2. There is no charge for prayer; however, we require a $50.00 deposit to reserve your appointment. This will be credited back to you within 7 days of your completed session. 
  3. Sessions are held at the Healing Rooms in Temecula during the Healing Room Hours: Saturday 10 am-12 pm as well as evening  appointments at on of our other two designated Healing My Heart locations.
  4. Healing My Heart is not counseling or directional. Typically, we recommend you wait 3 months before making a second appointment. You are free to come to healing rooms during regular hours for prayer any other time.
  5. There may be two to three ministers in the room with you who are mature Christian adults with theological training as well as some licensed ministers.
  6. Please do everything possible to make your appointment and be on time for your session.

Want More Information?
For more information on Healing My Heart ministry, visit: